The Full Stack Banking Platform

We help companies like you go from ideas to launch.
Your trusted partner from day zero.

What does Paysack offer?

Full Stack Solution for Fintechs to build and launch best in class financial products

Employee Benefits
Bank Integrations
BFSI/Vendor/Business Partnerships
Mobile/Web Apps

Want some help with development?

Not a problem. Mobile apps, Admin dashboards, or other specific needs, we have you covered.

Our awesome engineers can work closely with you to build the product the way you envisioned.

You obviously own the IP.

This helps you focus on building the core business and leaving all the technology management challenges to us.

Some solutions you could consider

Paysack Digital Salary Account 

for Millennials / Blue-Collar / Gig Economy

Paysack Enterprise Wallet + Cards

for Employee Benefits & Reimbursement

Paysack Student Wallet + Cards  

for College / School

Paysack Fleet Wallet + Cards    

for Fleet Management / Truckers

Paysack Connect API Platform    

for Enterprise & Startups

Paysack Custom Payment Platform 

for Enterprise (to Pay / Collect)

Are you ready to add fuel to your
Fintech dream?