an account as unique as your business

The Paysack Business Account is the only account you and your employees will need. The Paysack Desk helps you in the administration of benefits & reimbursements in a simple and smart way.

Whenever your employees use their card, it transmits a whole bunch of information about that transaction, including location, time, the type of merchant, note, and more. This reduces errors and makes reimbursement claims paperless and cashless. The Paysack cloud stores all your employee receipts for future reference.

Paysack can help you use that data to learn and get insights on how to spend smarter.


getting started with Paysack

You get a completely digital Paysack Business Account with simple and powerful benefits and reimbursement management tools built right into your account.


To get started, register your company with us and login to setup your own Paysack Business Account.
3 Easy Steps.


Transfer money for your employee benefits and expenses into your Paysack Business Account.
Single payment account.


Manage all your employees benefits from one dashboard by categorising them into food, fuel, medical, etc.
Multi-Benefits platform.