Employee Benefits & Reimbrusements, simplified.

Paysack Desk is an online employee benefits & reimbursement software, custom-made for businesses to automate their benefits disbursement, claim report creation, approval, and settlement.


one modern desk to manage your employee benefits.

Automate benefits disbursements.

Assign your employees various benefits like meal benefit, fuel benefit, gifts & Medical Reimbursement etc.

Access card transactions.

Capture Paysack RuPay Prepaid Card transactions details like amount, spend category, benefits and reimbursement type.

Submit claims anytime.

Record spends wherever you are, assign it to a benefits category and submit a claims using your mobile phone.

Reimbursement documents archive.

No more hardcopies collection of receipts. All documents are stored digitally upto 7 years and are also available for audits anytime.

Simplify approval and settlement.

Simplify process with instant approvals and reminders for pending claims. Settle payment by transferring money back into this same card instantly, with a single click.

Learn how the money is spent.

Get insights on Employee benefits usage. Generate reports regarding disbursements, credits, debits, benefits usage, etc for weekly, monthly, and annually.