paysack Expense Card + Wallet

Finally. An Expense Card+App, the way it should be.

Simple . Flexible . Mobile.

Accepted at all online/offline stores across India. ATM withdrawal allowed.


Managing Expenses made simple

The Paysack Expense Card + App

Use once and you will never want to go back to how you do it today.

No more use and throw cards, or single brand gift cards.

Why Businesses would love Paysack

100% Digital

Disburse money in a click. Pay cash advance or reimburse an employee claim

One-click disbursement

No more paper wasted for expense reports or space wasted for storage of documents

Save time

You do not have to go through paper-based expense forms & receipts

Happier Employees

Gives your employees the flexibility to spend claim expenses remotely.

Reports & Support

Get auto-updates about employee cards & claims details for reports/audits


Enable ATM withdrawal. Submit cash claims for petty spends


India’s most flexible expense management solution

  • Pay cash advance
  • No advance payment? No problem, let your employee spend & claim
  • Auto-generate report. Attach a bill
  • ATM withdrawal enabled/disabled
  • Report cash-based petty spends
  • Settlement of employee spends in a click

How it works

Total amount

Load Paysack business account with total amount to be disbursed to the employee’s expense card

2 mins to disburse digital benefits

Employee details and designated amount for expenses needs to be provided

Instant transfer

Employee receives SMS notification and update in the app about the expense credits when you click the transfer button

Start using

Employee can now use the card to pay at any online/offline store that accepts credit/debit cards


No matter where you go. No matter what expense you incur.
Pay with your Paysack Expense Card*

* Accepted at 10,00,000+ stores across India

Why Employee would love Paysack

100% Digital

Pains of collecting and securely storing paper bills is over.

Ease of use

Use the card like how you use your personal debit/credit card

Wider acceptance

Use at any online/offline store (10 lakh+) that accepts debit/credit cards.

Reimbursement 2.0

Who doesn't like a virtual assistant to auto-generate reports

Finance Manager

Always know how much you spent and when and where you spent it

Claim from your couch

Submit expense claims from wherever you are, whenever you want

What if the cash advance for business spends is exhausted?

What if you prefer the employee to spend their personal money and then claim for settlement?

We also allow the employee to load money into the Paysack Expense Card.

How claims works

Pay with card

Employee pays with the Paysack RuPay Prepaid Card for expenses incurred for which bills needs to be submitted to the company

Tag transaction

Employee tags a card transaction captured on the app as a business spend. Assign a category (travel, stay, food, etc.)

Click bill

Employee clicks picture of the bill and links it to a bank transaction. This helps auto-generate the expense report

Claim it

Employee clicks claim and all the details including the image of bill goes to the company admin for review


Move to a super flexible expense management solution for your team

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