paysack Meal Card + Wallet

A Meal Benefit Solution, the way it should be.

Simple . Flexible . Mobile.

100% tax compliant. Accepted at 3,00,000+ outlets across India.


Managing Meal Benefits made simple

The Paysack Meal Card + App

Use once and you will never want to go back to how you do it today.

No more paper coupons or having to look for the ‘accepted here’ sticker.

Why Businesses would love Paysack

100% Digital

No more vouchers, or coupons. Easy to manage

One-click disbursement

Load meal cards for all your employees with a single click

Save time

Super quick. It takes all of 3 minutes to deliver meal benefits

Happier Employees

When was the last time an employee picked the meal coupons with a smile?

Reports & Support

Get auto-updates about employee cards credit details for reports/audits

Fully Compliant

Do not have to worry about compliance and card usage


No matter what you eat. No matter where you eat.
Pay with your Paysack Meal Card*

* Accepted at 3,00,000+ food outlets across India

How it works

Total amount

Load Paysack business account with total amount to be disbursed to the employee’s meal card

2 mins to disburse digital benefits

Employee details and designated amount for meal benefit needs to be provided

Instant transfer

Employee receives SMS notification and update in the app about the meal credits when you click the transfer button

Start using

Employee can now use the card to pay at stores for bills related for food and non-alcoholic purchases

Why Employee would love Paysack

Tax Saving

Money saved = Money earned

Ease of use

Use the card like how you use your personal debit/credit card

Wider acceptance

Do not have to look for ‘Accepted Here’ sticker, accepted pan India

Secure Card PIN

4 digit PIN to keep the card from misuse. Change it right from your app

Real-time notifications

Get SMS and real-time transaction notifications on Paysack app

Sweet Deals & Offers

Exclusive deals & offers to help you save that extra bit


Move to a Meal Benefit Solution your employees would truly love

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